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Omnistar Knowledge Management Software 5.2

Omnistar Knowledge Management Software 5.2: Omnistar Knowledge Management Software is a dynamic knowledge base software. simple format. By making the Omnistar Knowledge Management Software robust enough to handle all kinds of support information needs, we accomplished the first part of our goal; and by also making it simple enough to leave us with lots of time for other aspects of our business, we accomplished the other. That’s how Omnistar Knowledge Management Software was born. Omnistar Interactive`s flagship faq and knowledgebase software stands out from the competition

Lessons Learned Server for Linux 1.2.0: A knowledgebase system allowing fast storage and retrieval of information
Lessons Learned Server for Linux 1.2.0

knowledge-base software that streamlines the collection and sharing of valuable knowledge within an organization. Benefits: 1. Encourages building a knowledge sharing community: LessonsLearnedServer stimulates creating a community of knowledge sharing within an organization by exchanging valuable experiences between the different members. 2. Promotes better communication between remote offices and departments LessonsLearnedServer provides a central

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powerKNOW 2.21: Web-based Knowledge Management Solution to save and share structured knowledge.
powerKNOW 2.21

powerKNOW is a web-based Knowledge Management Solution to save and share knowledge. Create your own Knowledge Base or Document Management System. It is very effective in managing different forms of existing Knowledge or creating new KnowHow. Critical and valuable Knowledge of an organization can be saved, structured, shared and transferred back into the business processes.Retrieval of Knowledge and Information can be significantly speeded up.

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Knowledge Management Software 2.0: Knowledge Management Software Strategy Framework Model MBA
Knowledge Management Software 2.0

Knowledge Management Software Strategy Framework Model, Strategic Management, MBA models and frameworks, business

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IDEA! Free Edition Highly flexible knowledge organizer and collaboration tool.
IDEA! Free Edition

management, asset management, virtual filing systems, training modules and many more. Handle any kind of knowledge from various sources for easy access and re use in its context. The concept is unique and modular. It allows you to utilize the tool for small tasks at home as well as for large projects. It has the power to help you establishing, running and maintaining a knowledge management system in an international business. Acting as a strong but

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powerDOCUMENTS 2.2: Build knowledge bases to document, manage, and retrieve valuable information.
powerDOCUMENTS 2.2

Knowledge Management Solution for the small and medium size companies as well as for a single person to keep valuable knowledge available to them. Build knowledge bases to document, manage, and retrieve valuable information. The software integrates the functionalities to structure, archive and find information in a simple and clear manner which is oriented on the Microsoft Windows Explorer. With powerDOCUMENTS you can create your individual Knowledge

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Project management software Comindwork 2.2

Comindwork is online free project management software that offers: * Task management, ticketing and bug tracking * Flexible dashboard, custom workflows * Communication and knowledge sharing * TODOs, file sharing, file version control * Simple and intuitive interface * Twitter integration * Enterprise Wiki * Professional support * Continiously improving. Ideal for knowledge management ,project management and effective project communications!

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